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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My memories: fragrance that reminds me of the U.S.

At Plaza Singapura, at the corner of Starbucks opposite Tim Ho Wan, there is a fragrance there that always brings back fond memories for me. It's not a sweet smell or something unique. Instead, it is the smell of the wood from the Starbucks' store.

The first time I smelled it, I was immediately reminded of my time in the U.S. The memories weren't of any place in particular, or of any specific event or person. Instead, it was just a reminder of when I had been an undergraduate in the U.S.

Perhaps it is because it smells of a new place, or a new mall. I certainly had been to a number of malls in my four years there, both old and new. Or maybe it was something from my university, though I don't recall having classes or passing through any new building.

In general, it is just a fragrance that brings back positive memories and feelings for me. So much so that whenever I walk past that corner at Plaza Singapura, I consciously take a deep breath so that I can recall my memories.

So it was quite disappointing that, when I inhaled deeply while walking past there today, the fragrance wasn't as strong as before. Soon, I think that wood smell will be lost, and then I'd need to find another trigger to bring back more pleasant memories.