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Thursday, September 05, 2013

My memories: ghost in the school

My whole life, I have never believed in ghosts. I think there is a spiritual world that exists alongside our physical reality, but there are no spirits that appear in ours.

Having said that, I think I saw a ghost once.

This happened when I was in primary school. My school building was in an estate that used to be a cemetery. To house a growing population, that cemetery was removed and replaced with a new housing estate. Some people still believed that the ghosts of the dead still lingered there. But I thought nothing about such superstition.

I was a prefect then. One of my duties was that, at every recess break, I would be stationed at a staircase on the top floor to prevent any one from going back to the classroom. The thinking then was that this would prevent thefts. Being a young boy, I didn't think about whether that was logical or not, I just did as told.

Every day, it was the same routine. I would stand around the staircase, just doing nothing, and waiting for the school bell to ring.

One day, I was just walking up and down the corridor. Then, in the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow dart from the staircase to the opposite corridor! I turned and ran there. But there was no one! I went to the staircase and looked down. There was no one there either.

The bell rang then. I rejoined another prefect who had been stationed at the opposite staircase. I asked him if he had seen anyone. He said no. I didn't say anything further, and thankfully, he didn't pursue my questioning.

So to this day, I still don't believe in ghosts, but I maintain that I had seen one before.


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