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Sunday, August 18, 2013

My memories: Fear of walking downstairs

As people grow older, they usually overcome most of their fears. And for those fears that they overcome, they rarely get afraid of them again.

I wasn't so lucky.

This is a memory from my mid-20s. For some reason, I suddenly became afraid of walking downstairs. It could be at a pedestrian bridge or a building staircase, wide staircase or narrow. My footsteps became shaky when I looked down at the stairs. I had to hold to the railing and walk down slowly, step by step.

Of course, being an adult, I had to pretend that nothing was wrong. And I really had to force myself to believe that nothing was wrong.

So it went on for about half a year. It was very frustrating, but I knew that I had to overcome it. After all, it was an irrational fear. Eventually my fear disappeared. I don't know exactly when it went away. But today, I can walk downstairs normally, and when I do, I wonder how I became afraid again then.


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