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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dream of love and regret

This is what I dreamed last night:


I was a ranking officer in a military camp, maybe captain or slightly higher. With the rank came the privilege of using a private room with a large screen TV for relaxing.

One night, I went to use the room. When I arrived there, I heard some sounds. I discovered three recruits in T-shirts and army pants/boots tied up and sitting on the floor. One of them said that they were there as punishment.

Then a general appeared at the other door. He asked me what I was doing there. I said I was going to watch a late night movie on the TV. He questioned my presence there and appeared agitated.

Later, I learned that the general was corrupt. He wanted to steal a new drug (called "itisim", or something like that) from the medical centre for his own personal use. Apparently, the new drug would enhance his senses and strength.

So he kidnapped the visiting medical officer to help him get the drug. (Apparently there was no medical officer stationed at my camp.) And this medical officer turned out to be my old love, who in my dream looked like Wong Li Lin.

There was no back story about us, but I knew that we had known each other for a long time. And I had strong feelings for her even now.

Of course, no one wanted to cooperate with the general, but somehow, we were all trapped in that private room to do his bidding. In the end, two other soldiers discovered a solution, and I called Li Lin to join us. We were going to pass off a fake drug to the general.

In what can be considered the climax of my dream, Li Lin and I had a quiet moment together. I said to her:

I have many regrets in my life. One of them is that I had not told you earlier that I loved you.

Then, in one of those classic scenes where we're holding hands and our faces are so close to each other that we can almost kiss, I said:

But you're married now, and this is as close as we can get.

In the end, we managed to disarm the general and win the day. Outside, among the spectators, Li Lin reunited with her husband (who looked like my childhood friend from Sunday school) and her two sons. But as she hugged her husband, she and I exchanged an intimate glance.


There was another part of my dream that I initially thought was related to this earlier part, but then probably wasn't.


A new creature had been discovered at the bottom of the ocean. Called a "mazonette", it looked like a spiny starfish. Li Lin had been assigned to join a team that would dive into the ocean for a closer look.

She was packed and ready to leave the medical centre at our military camp. She had a big black bag filled with gear. I had stopped by to bid her goodbye, as if to give ourselves a private moment for a while. Then I simply told her that I will take her bag for her. I picked it up and walked right out to the waiting vehicle. Li Lin was surprised by my gesture but caught up soon.


There was no ending to that second part of my dream.