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Friday, September 25, 2009

Rat roadkill

WARNING: This is definitely not for the squeamish! If you don't like looking at dead animals, then leave this page NOW!

While walking outside my house, I noticed a squashed carcass on the road. On closer inspection, and from the look of its tail, this looked like a rat. So being morbid me, I snapped a picture of it. I continued taking pictures of it about every 12 hours. Eventually, someone must've cleaned up the roadkill, because it wasn't there on the third day.

"Enjoy" these pictures!

Rat roadkill - soon after death
Judging by the state of the body, including the redness of that organ that's sticking out, I think this was soon after it got struck by a vehicle.

Rat roadkill - 12 hours later
About 12 hours later. Still mostly intact, but much flatter.

Rat roadkill - 24 hours later
About 24 hours later. And I think that dark stain on the road surface is from the body.

Rat roadkill - 36 hours later
About 36 hours later. Flies were buzzing around, but I still stooped down to get the picture.


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