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Monday, September 14, 2009

Lunchtime train of thought

"Comex was this weekend. I wonder if my lunch buddy went for it. I didn't go because I had nothing to buy. But I'd really like a Blu-ray player. Need to check it out. Also need to learn more about Nike Free and Adizero. What are those shoes about? If I buy one of them, then I'd need to start exercising again. Hmm, exercise. I remember when I trained hard for my Sec 4 physical fitness test. Class actually cheered when I did a pull-up! Trained with repetitive stretches and push-ups. Reminds me of repetitive squats done by Mr Ying. Ah, Mr Ying, that strict discipline teacher. He and Mr Wee. Everyone feared Mr Wee, but we all loved him at the end."

"Wait, how did I end up thinking about Mr Wee?"


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