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Monday, August 24, 2009

I passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test!

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Big day for me today! After procrastinating for one year, I've finally obtained my Google Analytics Individual Qualification! Yay! What this means is that I've shown that not only do I know my stuff about Google Analytics, but Google also thinks I'm good enough.

The test consisted of 70 multiple-choice questions, which had to be answered with two hours. It costs US$50 per try, but if you are fairly familiar with Google Analytics and have watched their free, online training videos, then one try should be all that you need.

For me, the hardest part actually wasn't in answering the questions, but hoping throughout that no one would bug me and cause my two-hour limit to expire!

This qualification now gives me more confident to take on other certifications, like the one for Omniture SiteCatalyst. That's another one that I've been procrastinating over.