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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Discovering gems in old mail

I've just spent the last hour clearing three months' worth of mail that had been piling up on my desk. While I didn't find any long-lost love letters, I found that most of my mail consists of:
  • bank statements
  • credit card bills
  • insurance policy notices and receipts
  • investment statements
Yes, very boring stuff. But I did also uncover the following gems:
  • a one-month-old cheque for an insurance policy - which I need to find out why I received anyway
  • a three-month-old cheque from Google Adsense - and my first ever cheque from them! How could I miss this???
  • a reminder for my dental appointment next week - whew! Luckily I found this now.
  • (while strictly not being postal mail, but it was buried at the bottom of the pile) my long-lost Kinokuniya book vouchers... that expired three months ago!
I guess it would serve me well to go through my postal mail more regularly from now on...


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