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Sunday, July 26, 2009

My first time at Heineken Green Room

My wrist tag and card
So there I was, about to have dinner, when a friend called me up to say, "Do you want to go to this Heineken party?" And I thought, well, why not? He said that it was at a warehouse along Keppel Road, opposite the Keppel train station. I thought he meant that it would be at St James Power Station (a refurbished building), which is next to HarbourFront MRT station.

No, he really meant a warehouse at Tanjong Pagar Distripark! I thought that that was a weird place to hold a party. But when I approached the venue at around 10pm, I saw the big "Heineken" banner and could hear music from the main road. And as we approached the warehouse itself, we saw people milling about outside.

There was a momentary slip-up when we were shuffled from the VIP queue to the "regular" queue, all because the Heineken people had not briefed the security people properly. But soon, we got our wrist bands and were stepping into a cargo lift.

On the third floor, we were greeted with... a near empty warehouse. I guess 10pm is too early to start a party. Anyway, we decided to get some drinks. Now this being a Heineken Green Room event, we thought that we would get free drinks, or at the least, one free drink. Hey, that's a great way to promote your drinks right? But nope, we had to pay for our own booze. $10 for a bottle, $45 for a bucket of five. There were also other drinks, but we stuck to the green bottles.

The crowd
The lone DJ, Cherry, spun her music to an empty dance floor. With only a handful of people, almost everyone was just hanging around, drinking and talking. My friend and I did the same, while people-watching at the same time.

Then, to spice things up, he told one of the Heineken models that it was my birthday, so as to get me to take a picture with her. Yay.

After a while, we made it to the front of the dance area and just enjoyed Cherry's music. I thought that the party was in danger of becoming a snoozefest. But at 12am, there was a change of DJs. The trio from Germany, Moderat, took to the stage and suddenly, everyone was screaming and cheering. As for me, I didn't know what to expect. This isn't my scene after all. And all dance music sounds the same to me.

German DJ band "Moderat"
But as the hour went on, I realised that Moderat had its own unique tune. It was jumpy and catchy and made you dance. Except for the moments when they slowed the beat, like an interval. Maybe it was to get the crowd to cool down before pumping the beat later. For me, I thought that it broke the rhythm unnecessarily. However, as I've come to learn at other parties, such fast-slow-fast-slow tempos are apparently a pre-requisite for succesful DJing.

Anyway, yeah, the music was fun to dance to, when the beat was right for dancing. The visuals were also well synchronised with the beat. There was only one part that I didn't enjoy, when the white lights were flashing. Bad enough that I was going deaf in this place, I didn't want to become blind too.

And another visual I wasn't too pleased about: when they flashed the statement, "Hell is Love". Nope, that's just wrong!

10 bottles of Heineken and three-and-a-half hours later, we decided to call it a night at 1:30am, which also turned out to be the time for the next set of DJs. But we didn't stay to catch that. It was a fun night and though I didn't get to score with any hot babe (I did get a funny face from one girl, however), I can at least now say that I've been to a Heineken Green Room party...

And would prefer the quietness of a lounge any night.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Discovering gems in old mail

I've just spent the last hour clearing three months' worth of mail that had been piling up on my desk. While I didn't find any long-lost love letters, I found that most of my mail consists of:
  • bank statements
  • credit card bills
  • insurance policy notices and receipts
  • investment statements
Yes, very boring stuff. But I did also uncover the following gems:
  • a one-month-old cheque for an insurance policy - which I need to find out why I received anyway
  • a three-month-old cheque from Google Adsense - and my first ever cheque from them! How could I miss this???
  • a reminder for my dental appointment next week - whew! Luckily I found this now.
  • (while strictly not being postal mail, but it was buried at the bottom of the pile) my long-lost Kinokuniya book vouchers... that expired three months ago!
I guess it would serve me well to go through my postal mail more regularly from now on...