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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The new chapter

Okay, so I haven't quit blogging. APRIL FOOL'S! That last entry was written on April 1, which I'm sure was a dead giveaway to my 10-or-so readers.

Still, it was quite a pain to stay away from blogging for a week (to give more credibility to the farce). I realised that there are indeed things that are better left blogged than micro-blogged. I'll still be twittering and plurking and all that, but I'm not giving up on my blogs anytime soon.

Like Eminem and his new album, I'm back into the blogging groove!



sunshin3 said...

Believe it or not, i chanced upon your blog while doing a search on health centres. :P It's been a long time since i last went up to Hideout or hung up with the barflies. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.

Yuhui said...

Hey sunshin3, thanks for stopping by! And what a weird way to discover my blog! "health centres' indeed...

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