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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The final chapter

It's been almost eight years since I started blogging. But over the last few months, I realised that I'm more comfortable updating my life with 140 characters or less. Yup, I've been hanging out at Twitter and Plurk way more often than Blogger. With this realisation, I've decided to make the fateful decision and quit blogging.

My change in behaviour shouldn't come as a surprise anyway. It just takes less time and effort to update my status or post a random message than to sit down and think long and hard to compose a readable blog entry.

And anyway, looking at my blogs' stats, my 10 readers or so won't be missing much if I quit blogging. As it is, they've had to put up with my intermittent blog updates. And just to prove how low key my blogs have become, even Google Alert no longer lets me know that there's new content in my blogs.

So I'm quitting blogging. Instead, I'll be devoting my energies to nurturing my ever-growing Twitter and Plurk readership. I'm sure the 20 followers there would appreciate my new-found devotion and help me grow my readership further.

April 1 - the day Yuhui's Blogger Network died. Long live Yuhui's Microblogging Network!


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