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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MTV show, "College Life" + alma mater = nostalgia!

I've just discovered this show by MTV, "College Life". A few freshman are given cameras to record their new lives in college. And which college would be a better setting than the University of Wisconsin-Madison!

I watched the first episode and it was fantastic! It brought back all of my memories from 10 years ago! (Wow, it's been that long!) Views of State Street, the tiny college dorm rooms, the parties, the people...

There was even a short scene in the Underground Textbook Exchange! I remember that! That was the second book store to buy and sell textbooks, and everyone was so glad for the Underground because it broke the University Book Store's monopoly. Yeah, that was an awesome trip to see the store, even for a minute.

The best part is: I can actually watch the episodes online -- legally! Which is good because it hasn't started showing in this part of the world and I have no idea what MTV Asia's programming schedule is (I rarely watch it). So far, I haven't encountered any geographic restriction for the shows, which means that I can savour more nostalgia through the streaming episodes there. Yay!

I didn't have a chance to go to Madison the last time I was in the United States, so this is the next best thing for me. It's always enjoyable to see the ol' town. Unfortunately, MTV seems to focus too many scenes on State Street and the Capitol and not enough on the rest of the city or campus. I hope more of these show up in later episodes. There's more to UW and Madison than just State Street!

On Wisconsin!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

The new chapter

Okay, so I haven't quit blogging. APRIL FOOL'S! That last entry was written on April 1, which I'm sure was a dead giveaway to my 10-or-so readers.

Still, it was quite a pain to stay away from blogging for a week (to give more credibility to the farce). I realised that there are indeed things that are better left blogged than micro-blogged. I'll still be twittering and plurking and all that, but I'm not giving up on my blogs anytime soon.

Like Eminem and his new album, I'm back into the blogging groove!


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The final chapter

It's been almost eight years since I started blogging. But over the last few months, I realised that I'm more comfortable updating my life with 140 characters or less. Yup, I've been hanging out at Twitter and Plurk way more often than Blogger. With this realisation, I've decided to make the fateful decision and quit blogging.

My change in behaviour shouldn't come as a surprise anyway. It just takes less time and effort to update my status or post a random message than to sit down and think long and hard to compose a readable blog entry.

And anyway, looking at my blogs' stats, my 10 readers or so won't be missing much if I quit blogging. As it is, they've had to put up with my intermittent blog updates. And just to prove how low key my blogs have become, even Google Alert no longer lets me know that there's new content in my blogs.

So I'm quitting blogging. Instead, I'll be devoting my energies to nurturing my ever-growing Twitter and Plurk readership. I'm sure the 20 followers there would appreciate my new-found devotion and help me grow my readership further.

April 1 - the day Yuhui's Blogger Network died. Long live Yuhui's Microblogging Network!