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Thursday, March 05, 2009

I answered a REACH survey and all I got was a packet of tissue paper!

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Some time back, I responded to a survey conducted by REACH. Frankly, I don't even remember what the survey was about. I just remember that it was done in a Word document, which I emailed back.

Then I received a call from a REACH representative, basically saying thank you for participating and we want to send you a token of appreciation. Hey, government wants to give me free stuff, that's fine by me -- assuming that there are no strings attached!

I received that token today. And inside was... a packet of tissue paper. My first thought was, "SERIOUSLY???" I kind of half expected something more than that. How much is a tissue packet? 10 cents? Okay, I'll up it to 30 cents. But seriously, man, isn't that being, well, cheap? I wonder what I would have received if I had not responded to the survey as promptly.

Or am I expecting too much? Armed with this packet of tissue, I can now chope ("reserve", for the non-Singlish speakers) one more table (not that I chope tables with tissue paper packets).

So this is what the new age of e-consultation will be like by the government. Perform a task and be rewarded with tissue paper. It could be worse, I suppose. Anyway, like I said before, if government gives free stuff, TAKE IT!



Tym said...

I wonder why they didn't choose some kind of inexpensive token that could be sent through email (since that's how you submitted the survey), rather than wasting it on tissue and snailmail.

s@ffy said...

the postage could've cost more than the tissue itself!

Yuhui said...

Tym: well, they did promise a physical token, but I certainly wasn't expecting this!

s@ffy: that's what I think too!

HDB Window Grilles said...

LOL, first time I heard of things like that. Sending a packet of tissue as token of appreciation.

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