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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Social Media Breakfast 5 at Samsung Store, Vivocity

Social Media Breakfast 5 group shot from Claudia Lim
Picture from Claudia Lim
It was time for another Social Media Breakfast (or Brunch, really) and, to tie in with the festive period, it was a year-end party. It was held at the Samsung Store at Vivocity. I had thought that the area would be too small to accommodate everyone, but it turned out to be just nice.

Perhaps it's because the turn-out wasn't as large as at the previous Social Media Breakfast at URA Centre. Still, where it lack in quality, it made up for in terms of quantity.

And by quantity, I mean the proportion of new faces to familiar ones. I didn't recognise about half of the attendees. Over a sumptuous meal, I talked with a few of them. Time will tell whether these new faces return to upcoming social media events.

An Xbox and Wii consoles had been set up (to be used with two of the flashy flat panel Samsung TVs), but few people played with them. Instead, as had happened at previous Social Media Breakfasts, people were more interested in chatting and mingling. I suppose that's how things are, and everything else is, to put it nicely, a distraction.

There was supposed to be a webcast with the U.S. founder of Social Media Breakfast, but it never happened due to technical difficulties.

Instead, the highlight of the afternoon was a pitch by Daniel Goh for Samsung Hope. It's Samsung's corporate social responsibility project that encourages the public to donate to its selected charities. While venue owners aren't allowed to pitch their (commercial) products, Samsung apparently was provided some leeway to promote its charity.

Overall, the party was a good time to catch up with old friends while getting acquainted with new ones. Post-event, a few people adjourned to Starbucks (I guess someone needs to bail them out of their 97% profit loss). I left for a while, but returned in time to hear Bernard Leong espouse on his hope for a new local social media tool, which if I dare say is one that I've thought of before but never knew how to execute.

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Claudia said...

Thanks for coming. And yap, many new faces today. Which is a good thing.


Yuhui said...

Claudia: thanks for co-organising!

su min said...

I enjoyed catching up so much with the familiar faces that I hardly spoke to the new people, so definitely hoping that they will go for the next SMB!

Yuhui said...

Su Min: maybe you should've mingled with the familiars who were talking with the newbies, haha. Then you would've been able to speak with the latter.

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