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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Camera comparison: Sony Ericsson C905 versus Sony Ericsson K800i

Oh joy! I finally managed to lay my hands on a Sony Ericsson C905. I had been drooling over this phone ever since it was first announced. Its specifications matched exactly what I've been looking for. Eight-megapixel camera. WiFi and 3G. Familiar Sony Ericsson interface.

Of course, nothing's perfect. Like video recording that doesn't take advantage of the available pixels. Or a heavier, bulkier design. Or the price tag (S$900 and dropping).

On the other hand, after seeing the C905's picture quality, its drool factor just jumped tenfold. Here's the picture I took with my Sony Ericsson K800i:
Camera phone comparison: Sony Ericsson K800i

And here's the same scene taken with the Sony Ericsson C905:
Camera phone comparison: Sony Ericsson C905

Oh my goodness! Eight megapixels do make a ton of difference! I can actually see the spotted pattern on the grey chair! *gasp* I've never seen such clarity before. Hmm, this is something that I should test with the Xperia X1, if I get the chance to.

Overall, the C905 seems to give very good quality images, which ranks it right up there with the Xperia X1 and ahead of Samsung's Innov8 and Pixon. As for Nokia's N79, N85 and N96, it's no fight at all (well, maybe the N85, but by a long shot).

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Anonymous said...

hi, is C905 durable? does it spoil easily? is it true that it doesnt have a front camera for video call?

Yuhui said...

Hi candy, I didn't really test those out but the phone body felt solid enough that it won't break if you sit on it. As for the front camera, since I don't make video calls, that wasn't a big concern for me, so I didn't check for it.

Anonymous said...

how about the wifi.. is it good? or does it hang?

Anonymous said...

I've had a c905 for ~3 months now. Very happy with it on the grounds you state, but alas they keypad has suffered a little from modest use with two keys completely loosing their tactile feel which makes texting a pain. Mine's insured so I'll change it, and I don't know if I just got unlucky - so the jury is out on if build quality is a general problem. Fingers crossed the new phone will stay solid as I'm very happy with it generally.

Yuhui said...

Hi Manar, yeah, that sounds strange for that to happen. Luckily you have insurance for it, I don't know many people who would insure their phones.

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