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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Camera comparison: Samsung Omnia, Innov8 and Pixon versus Sony Ericsson K800i

While at the Samsung Store today, I had a chance to try out the camera capabilities of the company's flagship camera phones. While the Omnia had been touted as a iPhone alternative, the Innov8 and Pixon were promoted through their eight-megapixel cameras.

So it was time to put the hype to the test. As usual, I measured against my benchmark Sony Ericsson K800i.

(Note: no matter what the images show, the phones being tested are not necessarily the ones mentioned in the pictures.)

First up, Sony Ericsson K800i vs Samsung Omnia.

Sony Ericsson K800i:
Camera phone comparison: Sony Ericsson K800i

Samsung Omnia:
Camera phone comparison: Samsung Omnia

Hmm, either I had unsteady hands, or the Omnia's camera quality is as depicted. One thing that puzzled me when using the store's phone was that it was stuck at 320x240 pixels. It wasn't until repeated pressing of the buttons (it didn't help that the security lock was in the way of the touchscreen) that I managed to get its full 2560x1920 resolution.

So, the Omnia didn't impress me. Would eight megapixels make a difference?

Sony Ericsson K800i:
Camera phone comparison: Sony Ericsson K800i

Samsung Innov8:
Camera phone comparison: Samsung Innov8

The Innov8 seemed to provide a level of exposure that was more true to what I saw with my own eyes.

Sony Ericsson K800i:
Camera phone comparison: Sony Ericsson K800i

Samsung Pixon:
Camera phone comparison: Samsung Pixon

Unfortunately, another customer was in my way when I was taking the picture with my camera, so the angle was way off. But the Pixon did seem to give richer colours.

So, based on my non-scientific tests, I'd rate the tested phones in this order: Pixon, Innov8, K800i, Omnia. Compared with the other phones that I've tested recently, I'd say that the Pixon and Innov8 give the Sony Ericsson Xpera X1 a run for the latter's money, in terms of true colours and sharpness.

One thing I didn't like about the Samsung phones was their initial learning curve. In particular, I couldn't figure out how to return to the main menu except by accident. I suppose Samsung sells phones that require a read-through of their manuals before use.

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Claudia said...

If you're comparing the innov8 and pixon with Xperia X1 for its camera and picture quality, than xperia will sure to lose out. X1 is only a 5mp and the samsung ones are way better than X1 in terms of features and practicality.

Did u get the SE model correct? Or were u referring to their 8.1mp C905?

Yuhui said...

I was only comparing the camera feature of the different phones (and, indirectly, navigating to the camera function). Picture quality is one of my other main factors that I look for (besides making phone calls and bilingual SMSes).

I was definitely using the Xperia X1 previously. I've yet to lay my hands on a C905.

And based on my usage, megapixels don't matter much when other factors come into play, e.g. colour depth, richness, tone, sharpness, noise, etc.

Sirius B said...

Thanks for the post. After falling in love with the first model of SE that started the SE innovation, the K750i, I am now looking forward to getting a new cell for myself. It's not like my 3 years old K750i is not working but I just feel like I need to "update" my cell. So........ like you, being SE user, we tend to place high expectation for the camera. It has to be easily accessible, picture quality must be at least as good as K750i and it must support dictionary. The keypad must not be too hard to press, and the learning curve to use the phone should be minimal - it should be intuitive enough for me to use it the first time. And not to mention the quality of the icons, wallpaper, screen (it shouldn't be dotted) and everything must at least be comparable if not better than what K750i offered 3 years ago.

I didnt get iPhone because the camera sucks. The only mobile phone that gets me drooling right now is a Nokia N97. Love the clean UI. Having used Nokia N810 Internet Tablet - I totally dig the Nokia N97 and hope that when THAT reaches our shore, it's not gonna disappoint me like the XPERIA X1 did (Hated the keypad...If a phone isn't kind to my fingers, I ain't gonna love it.)

Sirius B said...

Oya, if the camera phone says its a CMOS - then chances are the quality is not good no matter how high the megapixels are (it's the size of the picture, not much contribution to the quality of the photo). SE phone camera r not CMOS type I think. Thus 2.0 mpx is already considerably better than 8mpx CMOS phone camera.

Yuhui said...

Hi Sirius, thanks for stopping by! Glad to read your comment, 'cause it's good to know that I'm not the only one who feels the same about my handphone's expectations.

Sorry to hear about your experience with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. I actually thought that it was a good, firm phone with responsive keypad.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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