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Monday, October 27, 2008

Yuhui reviews "Batman: Gotham Knight"

Yuhui reviews "Batman: Gotham Knight"
Gritty animation brings out true nature of super-hero

October 27, 2008

News Facts
  • Yuhui watched the DVD "Batman: Gotham Knight" this evening.
  • He started by watching the special features, namely:
    • the documentary, "Batman and Me: The Bob Kane Story"
    • four episodes from "Batman: The Animated Series"
    • a sneak peek at "Wonder Woman"
  • He then proceeded to watch the five short films, totaling 75 minutes.
  • Being a Batman fan, Yuhui thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Dark Knight Detective in all of his animated glory.
  • He thought that the stories may be too gritty and complex for younger audiences to understand.
Yuhui's Movie Blogger: Review: "Batman: Gotham Knight"

Batman: Gotham Knight
(cover art by WB Animation)

Quotes, attributable to Yuhui
"'Batman: Gotham Knight' [...] is a work of wonder in bringing the Dark Knight Detective to celluloid life."
"The grittiness of his dark fight is brought across brilliantly through the use of anime. This form of entertainment has long been known to differ from the familiar Western style, particularly in the areas of violence and self-discovery. Thus, it fits perfectly with the Batman mythos[.]"
"This is a gem not only for Batman fans, but lovers of modern animated entertainment."

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About Yuhui
Yuhui is an independent blogger who has been chronicling his life's experiences since 2001. He became an active member of the Singapore blogosphere in 2005, participating in local blog aggregators and contributing to thought leadership across a diverse range of issues. He came to fully embrace social media and has participated in conversations across the world, both in the physical realm and within the virtual expanse. In 2008, Yuhui launched "Yuhui's Blogger Network", an umbrella of four blogs, each devoted to a specific topic: Apple, Singapore, movies and personal life.

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