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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yuhui not surprised by handset influence in shoppers' decisions

Yuhui not surprised by handset influence in shoppers' decisions
Telcos still wield considerable influence, but for the wrong reason

October 28, 2008

News Facts
  • Yuhui read and reviewed the article, "Proof That Handset Brands Help Sell Wireless Plans", by AdAge. This article commented on the findings of a study conducted by Google.
  • He generally agreed with the findings of the report: that shoppers' mobile communication purchase decisions are generally influenced by the handset maker, rather than the telco carrier.
  • But he disagreed with its clear-cut finding that it was solely the choice of handsets that influenced the final decision. Rather, the telco also played an important factor in the decision-making process.
  • Yuhui thinks that shoppers consider the telco, not because of the brand, but because they want the "best deal".
  • He thinks that this puts telcos at the raw end of the mobile communication deal. In the end, telcos are still regarded generally in a negative light.
Yuhui's Apple Blogger: Shoppers choose by phones, not carriers - who's surprised?

Quotes, attributable to Yuhui
"The Apple iPhone proved that the intense lust for this sleek phone could override consumers' opinions about AT&T."
"Is anyone surprised then that no one feels tremendous love for the telco?"
"[S]hoppers are influenced by their mobile handset than the telco that they are saddled with."

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About Yuhui
Yuhui is an independent blogger who has been chronicling his life's experiences since 2001. He became an active member of the Singapore blogosphere in 2005, participating in local blog aggregators and contributing to thought leadership across a diverse range of issues. He came to fully embrace social media and has participated in conversations across the world, both in the physical realm and within the virtual expanse. In 2008, Yuhui launched "Yuhui's Blogger Network", an umbrella of four blogs, each devoted to a specific topic: Apple, Singapore, movies and personal life.

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Twitter: yuhui
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