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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yuhui cooks one week's worth of rice

Yuhui cooks one week's worth of rice
Also his first attempt at using the microwave oven to boil rice

October 26, 2008

News Facts
  • Yuhui boiled a week's worth of rice this evening.
  • This also marked his first real attempt at cooking rice in the microwave oven.
  • He used a large-sized Corning Ware container in his maiden attempt.
  • Previously, Yuhui had only boiled rice with a stove or open fire (ah, camping days...).
  • With only a vague idea of the required steps, he proceeded to cook his rice.
    • After cooking on high for 15 minutes, the rice came out hard and half-cooked.
    • Yuhui added more water and proceeded to cook it for another eight minutes on medium-high.
    • The rice was still too hard for his liking, so Yuhui added a bit more water and cooked it for another four minutes.
    • The rice finally came out fluffier and more palatable.
  • The remainder of the rice is now stored in the refrigerator for future consumption.
One week's worth of cooked riceOne week's worth of cooked riceOne week's worth of cooked rice

Quotes, attributable to Yuhui
"As the staple ingredient of a true Singaporean diet, rice must be cooked to savoury perfection -- soft and fluffy, yet delightfully tasty."
"The modern Singaporean relies on electronics to perform even the most basic of tasks. Cooking of rice with a microwave oven is therefore simply the next evolutionary step in twenty-first century home cooking -- technologically speaking."

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About Yuhui
Yuhui is an independent blogger who has been chronicling his life's experiences since 2001. He became an active member of the Singapore blogosphere in 2005, participating in local blog aggregators and contributing to thought leadership across a diverse range of issues. He came to fully embrace social media and has participated in conversations across the world, both in the physical realm and within the virtual expanse. In 2008, Yuhui launched "Yuhui's Blogger Network", an umbrella of four blogs, each devoted to a specific topic: Apple, Singapore, movies and personal life.

Contact Information
Twitter: yuhui
Plurk: yuhui

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