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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Social Events calendar - now on Upcoming

Sometime back, I started a Google calendar to keep track of so-called social media-based events in Singapore. Today, I'm "moving" Social Events to Yahoo's Upcoming service.

Actually, it turns out that there was already a group for listing such social media-based events. Not surprisingly, it's named "Social Media Singapore". However, it looks like it hasn't been used at all. So I've started listing the events that used to exist in the Google calendar.

Truth be told, I was never really comfortable with using Google calendar. I had the feeling that not many people were familiar with such iCal services, let alone know how to subscribe to one. Upcoming, on the other hand, uses a familiar RSS feed, which anyone can subscribe to. In addition, anyone with a Yahoo account can also contribute to the group (hint to all social media event organisers!).

(And, of course, I'm an idiot for being slow to pick up on this free service in the first place!)

I hope the move helps to increase awareness of these social events in Singapore. There is definitely a need to raise awareness of social media in Singapore, as seen from growing corporate adoption of it in marketing. I hope the Social Media Singapore group helps to facilitate that growth.

And if you're an organiser, please add your event there!


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