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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two cups and a string -- Nokia event invitation

I was pleasantly surprised when a small cardboard box was presented to me. It's wrapper simply stated: "Communication. Now made by hand. Nokia Nseries"
Nokia blogger event invitation

Ooooookay. I shook it and heard a soft rattling sound. I hoped there was nothing fragile inside. At least I didn't hear any crackling of glass.

On opening, I found a brown card, with this tantalising line: "From the simplest communication tool made by hand..."
Nokia blogger event invitation

For all I knew, the contents could be two sticks, a firestarter and a small blanket.

Opening that card revealed the actual invitation. Apparently, Nokia has some super-secret upcoming "multimedia computer", and I had been invited to the launch event! The tagline read: "The web. Now made by hand."
Nokia blogger event invitation

And yes, I put "multimedia computer" in quotation marks, to be pronounced/used in the same way one would do the "air quotes" with your fingers to indicate sarcasm. Nokia makes handphones. Its Nseries line of phones is still far, far away from being truly usable computers, so I refuse to call it that. At least Apple doesn't call the iPhone a computer, and that device has freakin' Mac OS X (albeit a modified, slimmed down version) under the hood! (And if this opinion gets me kicked out of Nokia's exclusive invitation list, so be it.)

Anyway, yes, I was elated to find the invitation. But then... it's at 3pm? On a weekday??? Gah, for a full-time employee, that means I'd need to get time-off to attend. Oh well, I guess I'll have to pass on this.

But back to the invitation. Instead of glassware or wooden sticks or some such, there were two paper cups and a nicely coiled-up string. Yup, the earliest communications device was two-cups-and-a-string (though, fortunately, not two women and a cup*).
Nokia blogger event invitation

It came complete with instructions on how to set it up. And to make it easier to assemble, the cups already had tiny holes in their bases. Hmm, interesting and fun! Of course, it'd be more fun if I had kids to play this with. I think we adults are more used to our fanciful gizmos... and whatever Nokia has coming this week.

* Two women and a cup -- if you don't know what this refers to, look it up. But be warned: it's grossly Not Safe For Work!



Martin said...

Dood. Being the rather prominent tech blogger that you are (i'm assuming), maybe at your next place of work, you can consider asking for a special arrangement where you are allowed to attend these tech events you get invited to. Other talents like do it all the time.

Nothing too formal, just an acknowledgment from your boss.

Just saying.

Yuhui said...

Martin: Yeah, I know what you mean. It'd make a HUGE difference.

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