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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Nokia invited me to WOM World... but I can't go!

I saw a curious email this evening. It came from "womworld" and the subject read: "Invitation to Nokia Workshop in Helsinki". Intrigued, I opened it up to see what this was all about.

Turns out that it was an invitation to attend Nokia's WOM World event in Helsinki. It's on 11-14 September. Attendees would get a free trial device and other goodies.

And get this: free travel and accomodation!

Alas, I already have plans for that weekend that I cannot avoid -- and it's highly unlikely that I'll get to skip it! This is so frustrating!

Okay, the free trip was definitely an incentive to go. But just once, I'd also like to get a European customs stamp in my passport. It seems that I'll have to wait a wee bit longer to make that wish come true.

Anyway, here's the email from Nokia:

As a quick intro, I’m from the WOM World / Nokia. We’re a Nokia-sponsored blog covering what’s being said in the social media about Nokia devices and services.

We sometimes help Nokia run events involving participants from social media, like bloggers and forum members. The latest being a new annual workshop that hopes to involve an eclectic mix of the online community in a discussion of what the future holds for everything from mobile technology to media creation. It’s a three day event in Helsinki and we’d like to invite you, flights and accommodation paid for.

It’s taking place in September between the 11th and 14th, and will be the first of its kind hosted by Nokia. We’re contacting everyone from creative’s, designers, video producers to open source software bloggers and mobile tech pioneers. There will be a number of workshops that’ll see discussion with participants, and with Nokia guys, about the future of different online arenas and mobile technology. Workshops that we hope you’d like to join in with and make yourself heard.

Like we mentioned, Nokia will cover expenses, including return flights, accommodation, food etc, we are flexible on return dates, if you’d like to come back on the 13th that’s fine. You’ll also be provided with a ‘trial pack’ that will include a Nokia device and other things for trial prior to and during the event.

So, please email back or call us on +44....., if you’re interested, and please bear in mind we’re on Greenwich Mean Time.

In regards to the flights, Nokia are obviously very keen on keeping things as Green as possible. The trial device that you will get will come pre-installed with We:Offset. If you’ve not already head of it, it’s a Nokia application that allows you to offset your carbon emissions via the handset and a small donation. You will be expected to offset your trip yourself, more details on how revealed closer to the time, or read up on the app at:

Also, feel free to tell your community that you’ve been invited; we’ll soon be introducing the event website that will include participatory media for you and anyone else to join in with.

If you’d like to know more about us, our blog is Alternately you can see some pics of previous events we’ve been involved with at Flickr. This recent set shows us at a Nokia launch event in London. We took a group of five online community members with us for the handset launch.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Donna and the WOM World / Nokia team
So sad, right?



Anonymous said...

I got invited, too. What do you think their criteria were for inviting people?

Yuhui said...

Your guess is as good as mine!

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