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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

McDonald's auto-upsizes meals?

Since when did McDonald's start automatically upsizing its meals?

There I was, at the Bugis Junction outlet, ordering my lunch. I had in my hand exactly enough coins so that I wouldn't need any coins back. I placed my order, the cashier rang it up...

And the bill was 50 cents more!

I quickly pointed out the discrepancy. The cashier, Shafiyah, who was dressed in a supervisor's red uniform, said that she had upsized my meal. Why? So that I could get the free Olympics glass.

Firstly, it was bad enough that I had chosen indulgence over health by eating at McDonald's. I didn't need the extra calories to "super size me".

Secondly, I had thought that it is usual practice to ask the customer if he wanted his meal to be upsized. Or is the practice now to get the customer to say that he wants his meal down-sized?

Thirdly, who decided that it's better to assume that all McDonald's customers want a free Olympics glass?

At least my story had a happy ending: I got my regular sized meal, saved 50 cents, and didn't have to worry about adding to clutter with another glass that I don't need.

I don't know if McDonald's will reply to me about this. But I hope that this was a one-time phenomenon. Customers certainly wouldn't be lovin' it if they have been constantly cheated!