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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Durian seller fired his assistant for bad durian

It had been a long time since I last patronised my usual durian seller, so I decided to pay him a visit today. It just so happened that, when I arrived at his stall, he was yelling loudly at one of his assistants.

As his assistant left the stall, dejectedly with his head down, I plucked up the courage to approach the still-fuming durian seller. He saw me walking towards him and quickly cooled off. With a wide smile, he welcomed me into his shop.

"What happened?" I asked him.

That simple question started a long tirade from him. Apparently, the assistant had given away a bad durian. When the customer ate it, naturally, he became sick. With customers being what they are here, he demanded compensation and further demanded that the durian seller stop selling durians.

Of course, the durian seller wouldn't do that. Not because of his loss, but the loss to his other customers. If he stopped selling, where would they buy their durians from? Who else sold top quality, XO grade durians that were guaranteed to be soft, sweet and fleshy? Also, no other seller could match his high standard of service (for an additional fee, of course), which was what customers demanded routinely.

Besides, it wasn't his fault that the bad durian got away, so why should he be fired? The correct person to take the fall was the assistant. And that's why he was shouting at the latter when I had arrived: he had just fired him.

I listened intently and supportively. It sounded like my durian seller had done what he thought was right. Though the bad durian was out there, he had taken the necessary steps to ensure that such a mistake would not occur again.

And all of that without needing to fork over any compensation.

Accepting his explanation of the incident completely, I bought two durians, instead of my usual one, to partake with much satisfaction and enjoyment.



Chin said...

I am politically apathetic but if my assistant sells bad durians, I would fire him too.

Yuhui said...

Hehe, good that you think that way too.

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