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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Announcing: Social Events calendar

I've started a public calendar, Social Events, to list all social media-related events in Singapore. It's free to use, hosted on Google Calendar, publicly accessible and "subscribable". Check it out! Better yet, subscribe to it with your iCal-compatible calendar.

Here's a sample:

Social Events is not actually my idea. That distinction belongs to... err... oh rats, I forgot his name! (At least I do know that he's the webmaster of SYINC... right?) Anyway, at the first Social Media Breakfast, he mentioned about how there were all of these really fun and interesting social media-related events in Singapore. The problem was that they tended to clash at the same day and/or time!

That made me think about my personal experience. My exposure to such events is limited to Facebook invitations and the occasional email. There is, to my knowledge, no central public repository of social events.

So I thought: why not build a calendar? Which I did... initially. Then I remembered that there's already the Google Calendar platform. Why rebuild the wheel? Besides, I could add like-minded people to manage the calendar too, and thus build it into the repository it should be.

And lo, a local social media calendar was born! Now, all it needs is more events! Right now, it's skewed heavily to geeky, technology-oriented events, like the monthly PHP meetings. Hey, I only know of what I'm exposed to!

As such, I really, really, really could use some help in beefing it up. I'll be adding a few people to get things going, but if you want to join, please don't wait for an invitation. Leave a comment with your email address!

After all, a social media calendar should have user-generated content, right? *wink*

And in case you missed it earlier, that's Social Events.



Anonymous said...

Hey Yuhui thanks so much for doing this! Pretty darn cool! Gonna make life so much easier for all of us from now on =)

I think the BEST part is that you included the descriptions and event URLS there too! So like I had no idea what Shutdown Day is, but now I do!

Yuhui said...

Thanks, Daryl! My fervent wish now is to get more people on board to build up the calendar. Know of anyone?

APLINK said...

great idea- please invite me

Yuhui said...

APLINK: I'll need your email address.

JasonOng said...

Doesn't show future events leh....

Yuhui said...

Jason: it only shows events that I'm aware of!

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