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Sunday, April 06, 2008

This little kitten mewed loudly

Loud stray kitten
As I approached the bus stand, I heard something loud and raspy, like that of a loud mynah or crow. It turned out to be this little kitten, looking no bigger than a stuffed toy. It was so loud and distinctive that it could be heard over the din of traffic.

Link to video

What was even more intriguing was it had fixed itself on me! At first I thought it was walking in a normal, random pattern. But as I shuffled from one end of the pavement to the other, breadth-wide and length, the little thing followed me as well! I figured it was because I had stood still for a few moments to admire it.

Sensing that I was harmless and lacking any parental figure nearby, it must have thought that I was "safe enough" to be its surrogate parent. It was quite amusing to see it walk ever closer and closer to me, finally daring to walk between my feet!

(BTW I don't remember if "fixed" is the correct word. I remember learning about it in introductory psychology. The classic example given was of a professor who managed to get some baby geese to think that he was their mother!)

Unfortunately, I had to dash off when my bus arrived. I hope that move doesn't make the kitten feel a huge sense of abandonment. Hopefully, its mother arrived soon.



rinaz said...

I'm sure its mother will find it soon. Most animals are good at tracking :)

Yuhui said...

Yup, I think the mother just went looking for food and would have returned a while later.

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