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Friday, April 25, 2008

Hypermiling: Save fuel -- and money! -- while driving

I came across this fascinating website today: Hypermiling. It lists six tips for saving fuel while driving. Which could save a significant amount of money during these times of constantly rising fuel prices.

Some of the tips are commonsensical. Others need you to wrap your head around. But ultimately, I'm pretty sure that all of them are feasible in Singapore, land of traffic jams, aggressive drivers and ERP.

Here's my summary of the tips:
  1. Know your mileage. Remember: knowledge is power.
  2. Try not to apply the brakes. Braking means surrendering speed that was provided by fuel.
  3. Minimise time spent in a stopped car. Accelerating towards a red light burns fuel unnecessarily for moving and braking (see tip #2).
  4. Keep moving in a traffic jam. Slow down, use buffer space.
  5. Slowly accelerate after stops. When possible, use a rolling start.
  6. Use cruise control to accelerate slowly. If you don't have one, then just accelerate slowly with the pedal.
Aside: For some reason, I kept reading it as "hypermilling", and wondered what milling or a mill had to do with driving!


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