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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Need $30 sponsor for Yebber party

I got the invitation to Yebber's first anniversary party in my email. "Oh cool," I thought, "they still remember me in spite of my inactivity." I clicked through to the site and proceeded to sign up.

Then, wait a minute, what was that about "payment mode"? And "payment reference"? Aha, the registration form was at the bottom of a longer page. I scrolled up gingerly. Alas, the party costs $30 per person!

Smart of Yebber! First you pay your members some money for their reviews. Now you take back the money for the party! It's a classic winner-take-all situation!

"Please pay me to celebrate my birthday with me." Hmm... I've heard jokes like that, but never really seen it happen in real life. I guess there's always a first time for everything.

So, err, as much as I'd like to attend, you know, because I figure the same circle of friends will be there too, I can't see the logic in paying to celebrate someone else's party. Even National Day Parade tickets are free.


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