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Friday, February 15, 2008

Chinese New Year dinner at Hua Song

Yu Sheng
The company held its annual Chinese New Year dinner at Hua Song this year. When we saw the venue, most of us went "huh???" We'd never heard of this place before, let alone know that there was even a restaurant inside Haw Par Villa!

And we found out that you could even drive inside, where there was a car park near the restaurant-cum-museum!

The private hall was freezing when I entered, but I acclimatised quickly enough. The hot Chinese tea and red wine helped. Some people started that new year tradition: gambling. Money exchanged hands, but mine stayed safely in my wallet.

As expected, people enjoyed tossing the yu sheng. At one table, half of the yu sheng ended up on the table instead! The food itself was average, nothing really spectacular... until the third-to-last dish. It was a dish of something covered in lime green cream. I looked at it with amazement. It was the greenest non-vegetable dish I had ever seen. It turned out to be a prawn dish, and the cream was made from diluted wasabi. Which actually made it quite delicious! Some people didn't like it, but my tastebuds enjoyed the tingling sensation.

Dinner ended early before 10pm. While others adjourned elsewhere, I decided to head home, as I was feeling tired.



arzhou said...

wow I never knew that Haw Par Villa was still in operations at all.

Yuhui said...

Haha, you and quite a number of others too!

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