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Friday, December 14, 2007

XM Year End Party at Timbre at The Arts House

Last year, after I had won a 30GB iPod at the company's year end party, I was sure that whatever karma points I had accumulated was wiped out. At this year's party at Timbre at The Arts House, I learned that I had apparently saved up enough karma points to win...

A Samsung 19-inch LCD television set.

Which I promptly swapped with a colleague's prize to bring home...

A Nintendo Wii!!!

Here I was, saving up to buy a Wii, and now I had one in my hands for free! But I'm pretty sure that this is it. I've zero karma points in the bank. No more good luck for me.

And after I had the Wii in my hands, it was funny how all of these colleagues started coming out of the woodwork, saying things like:
  • "I'm so envious!"
  • "Didn't you win a top prize last year?"
  • and my favourite: "You have to bring it to the office for us to play!"
The thing was, I had already expected people to say that, so I had half a mind to bring it to the office for a short while.

Earlier in the day at the office, I received my Secret Santa gifts:
  1. a receipt for a donation to the Children's Cancer Society -- in my name!
  2. a set of couple's mugs -- one for me, one for my non-existent girlfriend
My last wish was for no work in 2008, but of course, that one will go unfulfilled.

Colleagues gathering
The theme for the night was "Back to School" and everyone was supposed to wear a school uniform. I wanted to, as well, but couldn't find the right clothes. But it was quite amusing to see everyone dressed up. And the usual joke going around was about how these "underaged" people were drinking and smoking so publicly!

Unlike last year, there were only two games this time. The funniest consisted of three participants repeatedly sitting on an air pump to blow up their balloons till the first one bursts. An added touch was allowing the other colleagues to "bet" on who would win. And as expected, the underdog won.

The rest of the night was spent eating, drinking and socialising. The lucky draw was run throughout and I was secretly hoping that I'd get either the iPod touch or Wii. And in the end, I got my wish, albeit in a sort of convoluted manner.

At 9:30pm, the place was open to the public, so a few of us stayed back to drink the night away. But that leads to another story, which cannot be shared in a public forum, so I'll have to end this here.

(BTW there is a Timbre at The Arts House. It took over from Q Bar.)



Anonymous said...

to friend of yuhui and me, the other story that cannot be shared is found at my blog.

do a little sleuthing for the rest.

Anonymous said...

wii is good for workout!


Yuhui said...

Suan - yup, so true, especially boxing!

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