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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Setting up my Nintendo Wii!

I spent this afternoon unpacking and setting up my brand spankin' new Nintendo Wii! The packaging wasn't as classy as Apple's, but at least it was neater and more understandable than some other electronics products.

Setup took about half an hour, because I was busy taking pictures too. As of now, I've created my Mii avatar (unimaginatively named "Hogo" for now, till I think of a better name) and played two games, "The Simpsons" and "WarioWare Smooth Moves". ("The Simpsons" was quite a letdown because it doesn't make full use of the Wiimote.)

2 free games! Inside the box
What comes in box A What comes in box B
Box A - manuals, console stand, sensor, nunchuk, TV cables Box B - console, Wii remote, power adapter
Wii Channels Mii!


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