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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Meet-up with UW-Madison friends

Japanese display
Since Reginald was back, it was time for another meet-up among the few of us. After countless arrangements (thanks, Shu-min!), we finally arranged to meet today at Jie Hui's house for a lunch of pizza.

I arrived at 12:30pm, half an hour after the appointed time. I figured that I wouldn't be the last to arrive, and so it was. Besides, I was also reminded by this saying: "Never be the first to arrive at a party, nor the last to leave."

What struck me about Jie Hui's brand spankin' new house was how Japanese-inspired it was. The display said enough. For her dining table, she had a squatting-type table and cushions -- not for people with knee joint problems!

As usual, the conversation revolved around the following topics:
  • jobs
  • salary
  • memories of Madison
  • NUS friends (for the girls)
  • love lives
I had already mentally expected the first two topics before arriving. Not that it's a bad thing, since I don't normally talk about such stuff with other people.

We had pizza for lunch (including a Hawaiian pizza because it's the only non-vegetarian one that doesn't have meat from a four-legged animal) and ice cream (raspberry, no chocolate/vanilla/strawberry/the usual flavours) for dessert.

We were supposed to leave at 4pm, but the skies opened with a torrential downpour. So we hung around for another half hour before leaving. Joo Seng's a quaint li'l place, but I wouldn't choose to live there. I'm a west Singapore person!


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