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Friday, December 21, 2007

"The Heartbreak Kid"

The Heartbreak Kid
I realised that I hadn't watched a movie in a long time (excluding those that I watched on the crappy small screens in the airplanes) and had a craving for watching something silly to escape the drudgery of life. And there was only one comedy that looked like it was the answer: "The Heartbreak Kid". I figured that I couldn't go wrong with Ben Stiller and the Farrelly brothers, who also did that silly comedy, "There's Something About Mary".

I wouldn't put "Heartbreak Kid" at the same level as "Mary", but it was still funny enough to watch. What it lacked in crude visual humour, it made up for with lots of expletives and crude language. Actually, some of the dialogue was, I thought, beyond crude, but fortunately, these weren't very often. (I wonder if Ben and Jerry Stiller actually really talk like that in real life.)

Story-wise, the plot was predictable. Boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy goes on honeymoon with girl, boy meets true love at honeymoon, boy breaks up with girl after a long-winded roundabout manner, true love marries ex-boyfriend, boy gives up and runs away, boy meets true love again (who has divorced), boy now has to break up with current wife. Like I said, predictable.

The jokes were moderately funny, nothing that really makes you burst out laughing. But they were amusing enough and kept the story moving. But it's Ben Stiller as the long-suffering new husband who really makes this movie worth watching. His ad libs are especially entertaining and his comedic timing is wonderful.

And there's nothing that will prepare you for the moment when the baseball bat lands on his back -- loudly!


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