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Saturday, November 17, 2007

U.S. holiday - New York day 2

Woke up at 9:30am but didn't leave house till 11am. My cousin drove us to the city, went in search of a parking place, finally found one after 10 minutes of searching. Went to Raffaele's for brunch. I ordered pancakes with chocolate chips, which came with chopped fruits, and mimosa (orange and champagne drink) and English Breakfast tea. First time having pancakes with chocolate chips, quite a good combination, chocolate chips melt in the mouth. We talked about Singapore, what Singaporeans do for fun there, work, church.

We left at 12:45pm on our own separate ways. I entered the subway station like normal, but ended up waiting there for more than 10 minutes. Supposed to take the #1 train, saw two of them pass by on express track, realised that it wasn't going to stop at this station. Finally got on #3 to Chambers, then switched to free bus shuttle to South Ferry because the rest of the stations were under renovation.

Waited at White Hall terminal for 2pm ferry to Staten Island. Ferry ride took about half hour each way, but it's run by the city and free because it'd cost too much to count fares. Snapped pictures of New York City, Statue of Liberty and Staten Island. Lots of pigeons and seagulls flying near the coast of both terminals.

When we arrived at Staten Island, about three-quarters of the passengers, including me, subsequently cross over to the departure lounge. Only a handful were actually using the ferry to travel between Manhattan and Staten Island, rest were there to see Statue of Liberty.

Returned to Whitehall terminal at 3:45pm, took #5 train to 86th Street. Walked 10 minutes to Jewish Museum. Saw Central Park next door, decided to take advantage of remaining sunlight to take in the view. Walked through Engineers Gate to Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir to take pictures and catch a breather.

Cross the road to Jewish Museum. It's free on Saturdays, didn't need to use my New York Pass. Whizzed through art gallery, then went to permanent exhibition on Jewish history and culture. Didn't feel very interested in it, so left after about an hour. Had trouble collecting my coat because I hadn't taken the tag, had been mixed up with the tag for my bag. I thought one tag for both items. Finally got coat back after identifying it to supervisor. Stupid impersonal system, push and go.

Took #6 train to 28th Street, went to Museum of Sex. Sky was already dark at 6pm. Free entry with New York Pass. First section: fetishes (BDSM, furries, roleplay, etc.) Second section: sex in films (pornography, sex scenes, fetishes in film, celebrity homemade videos, etc.) Third section: historical artifacts (posters, sex toys, notes).

Took #5 train to 38th Street, went to Macy's. Redeemed 11% discount card with New York Pass, woman asked for passport, didn't realise it's for foreigners only. Went to look for Toy Watch for colleague, couldn't find the one that she wanted. Browsed selection of belts, bought a Fossil jeans belt. $2 discount!

Took #N train back to 42nd Street, then took bus from Port Authority Bus Terminal back home. Missed destination by one stop, so had to walk back. Cousin had already bought dinner, ate it while watching "Forrest Gump". Bathed then packed for next day's departure.


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