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Thursday, November 22, 2007

U.S. holiday - Chicago day 2


Left home at 9:30am for dinner shopping. Snowing already, first time at Thanksgiving in Chicago. Of course, Tim and Terina "blamed" me for it! First to Whole Foods. Streets were deserted, to be expected for holiday. Picked up most of the foods: capsicum, cheese, flour, wine, beer, etc.

Then went to Chinatown. The "only" place still open on Thanksgiving, haha. Had to park two blocks away. Wanted to buy mussels, thinking they would be more freshly available there, but could only find clams, so bought those. Then went to a restaurant to buy roasted whole duck and chicken as substitute for turkey.

Next was to another restaurant to buy lunch for home. While waiting for food, we watched cooks in kitchen to see how they prepared food. Quite fascinating, haha.

Snow was coming down hard now, and windy too. Went back to Whole Foods to buy ice cream and chicken meat. Returned home at 12pm, ate lunch while watching "Match Point", which Terina had borrowed from her colleague.

Went up to my room to pack, then came down to ask about getting to the airport. Tim admitted that he'd be in no condition to drive. Looked up Google to find a cab company, made arrangements with Yellow Taxi for pick-up at 3:30am. Operator sounded like a sour puss, maybe because she was working on a holiday.

Helped Terina slice and dice apples for her apple pie. Tim said that he didn't want help, and I know better than to insist. Their friend, Nick, arrived soon with his Wii. Shing and Belinda arrived about an hour later with portable stove. Sarah came with sambal prawn and cheesecake, and Jason arrived just a while later.

Aileen came with drinks and chicken broth for the hotpot. Sonia and Allan arrived at 6pm with food for the hotpot. With everyone here, dishes were brought out to the hall, where a few people were already playing on the Wii.

We ate and talked and watched "Norbit", which someone had brought, and "The Incredibles", which was on TV. I talked to a few people, including Sarah. Mee-Kyoung arrived at 8pm with a Korean dish which had taken longer than expected to prepare. Dessert was brought out later, consisting of apple pie, brownies, cheesecake and Godiva chocolates.

Played with Wii after eating. Some people started talking about Black Friday sales and who would wake up for it. Aileen shared a story about her flight to India that consisted of two emergencies and a long transit layover at Amsterdam.

People soon started leaving around 10:30pm. By 11:30pm, only Mee-Kyoung and Nick were left. Played till 1am, then Nick left.


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