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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

U.S. holiday - Chicago day 1

Shopping day! Started at 11am after eating last night's leftovers. Heavy drizzle turning into rain. Cold and windy. Walked to Polk station, no $1 bills, station doesn't provide change. Bought a cup of hot chocolate from the Dunkin' Donuts in the station for change and to warm up. Overheard a cop ask someone there, who was in the station to escape the cold, to leave because no stragglers are allowed.

Took train to Lake/State, supposed to switch to Red line, didn't realise that I had to go underground, so got on the Orange line wrongly. Got off three stops later along Wabash Ave and walked up to Michigan Ave. Rain got heavier.

Looked for Macy's thinking it was there. Found Nordstrom and Levi's instead, made mental note of their locations. Found Appl Store, use a computer to check Google Map and found Macy's at State Street. Also took the chance to check my email. And -- finally! -- figured out how to use Cover Flow on iPhone/iPod touch - need to hold device vertically! D'oh!

Hung around for a while, then bought two iPhones. Salesperson warned that I need to sign up with AT&T and it's illegal to hack. Also asked for ID to check name on credit card, first time ever that's happened.

Left Apple Sore, rain was even heavier. Walked back to State Street to Macy's. Looked for ToyWatch but couldn't find it. Bought a handbag for sis. Looked for jeans but none fit.

2pm already. Went down to the food court for light lunch of vegetable soup. Then walked to the chocolates section and bought two boxes, one for Thanksgiving party, the other for MIS classmates.

Went back outside, rain was even heavier now, but not as cold. Went back to Michigan Avenue to look for Levi's. Found Nordstrom first, enquired about ToyWatch, found out that they had no stock till next week. (Too bad, Kelly!) Left and finally found Levi's. Tried on a few pair of jeans, finally bought two. Food price and comfortable.

Done shopping, decided to get milk for breakfast. Found Walgreens and bought a bottle there. While walking to station, figured that I might as well buy something to eat for breakfast too, remembered seeing another Walgreens at Wabash.

Saw Fye instead, went in to warm up for a while, save "Superman: Doomsday" DVD on sale, so bought it. Came back out, saw 7-Eleven across the street, so went there since it was getting late. Bought two croissants.

Then took train back to Tim's house. Tim fetched Terina back, then left at 6:45pm to walk about 10 minutes to dinner at an Italian restaurant. Ordered a plate of pasta and we shared a bottle of merlot. Good times.

Walked back to apartment amid freezing weather. With nothing to do that night, we watched "Superman: Doomsday", but I fell asleep at the end. After show had ended, I crawled up to Tim's roommate's room to sleep properly at 11pm.


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