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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reason #2389 to buy a Mac: Smaller PPT files

I never thought that I would promote a Microsoft product as a benefit to use a Mac, but here goes:
A graphics-heavy PowerPoint file could actually use less disk space on a Mac!
I was working on a presentation at home on my iMac and the file came to a hefty 4MB. But when I re-saved the file in Windows -- even after compressing all of the images to be optimised for the screen, the file size weighed in at a whopping 8MB!

I saved half the disk space on a Mac!

This was admittedly a non-scientific observation. But still, saving 50% of disk space is quite a significant difference. Truly, the Mac business unit at Microsoft has churned out the best version of Microsoft Office.



paddychicken said...

Try copying it back to Windows and see how big it is.

I have long observed (repeatedly since 1998) that MS Word, Ppt and Excel document sizes are not correlated with the content. I have added in data and yet seen the file size shrink, sometimes by more than 10%.

It makes you wonder what on earth MS puts into the saved data.

Yuhui said...

You mean copy all of the content into a new Windows-based PPT file? Hmm, didn't think of that, will have to try it.

paddychicken said...

yyxgno need so much effort .. just re-save it in windows and see if it makes a consistent difference to the size. i think the variance is greater with graphics-heavy files.

Yuhui said...

Well, it turns out that no matter what I do in Windows -- re-saving, copying-and-pasting into a new file, make no changes and save -- the file size always increases by almost 2x.

flippant said...

Your PowerPoint logo doesn't load on my computer at home, but it does at work.

Yuhui said...

It's from another site, so make sure that site isn't blocked in your browser or by your home's ISP.

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