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Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm still using Facebook, surprisingly

For a person who claims not to trust Facebook, it's amazing how my network has swelled to more than 100 friends. At last count, more than half are current colleagues, about a quarter are people I've met through blog-related gatherings, and the rest are, well, friends.

And to put Facebook to the "test", I've done the following:
  • added applications (and removed them because there were too many or required too much time),
  • posted three items for sale (none of which have sold),
  • shopped in its marketplace (with zero results),
  • searched for friends from a long time ago (with some success),
  • created a group (with limited success), and
  • joined a whole bunch of groups (though I don't interact within them).
I'd never have been this "active" with Friendster or even LinkedIn.



Anonymous said...

hhahaha i claim to hate facebook (Actually i maintain that i really do) and i have 75 friends on facebook. amazing huh. people just come and add me lah. i have no idea.

anyway. i haven't used any of those applications. it bugs me! so except for, my facebook is application free (and photo-free cos i cldnt b bothered haha)

Yuhui said...

You mean you add people even if you don't know them??

Anonymous said...

Just add lor. Its only a 'virtual' thingy anywayz.

Yuhui said...

Hmm, I guess I'm old fashioned in that I'd only add people whom I've at least met in real life.

Anonymous said...

It's what you make of it. Some of my friends are addicted. Anyway it's a good way to keep in touch

Yuhui said...

David: Yes, it's also definitely more user friendly than Friendster.

paddychicken said...

yeah, facebook has dissipated some of my disillusionment with friendster. i've been on facebook almost every day for more than a month now, playing games and what not. it's quite fun finding old friends too ... and facebook gives a wide range on non-confrontational ways to re-establish old connections that friendster never had. (heck, it was a real pain to get messages in friendster)

and just today, i was invited to linkedin and realised just how many people are already on it. but it doesn't look half as fun.

Yuhui said...

I believe LinkedIn's primary purpose is to hook you up with potential business partners or employers/employees. That's why I don't mind its "staid-ness".

Hmm, I wouldn't log into Facebook every day just to play games!

Jonathan said...

i've just started fiddling with facebook. a lot of apps that probably bug me more than keep me in their social OS.

Linkedin, on the other hand, works on a professional level. I like it.

Yuhui said...

And now there's news that Facebook is going to take on LinkedIn!

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