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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

When did "lor" become so widely used?

I've noticed a growing phenomenon, especially in the office. A lot of people are using "lor" more often! It used to be that "lor" was used like "lah", i.e. a familiar Singlish way to end a sentence.

Not anymore. "Lor" is now used so often, especially in these two circumstances:
  • to point out the obvious, e.g. "The sun is bright lor!"
  • to emphasise exclamation, e.g. "This test is difficult lor!"
Singlish is going crazy lor! Everyone keeps saying "lor" lor! It's such that I can't pass a day without hearing "lor" at least five times from three different people lor! And it's not just the young but people in my age group are also using it, maybe because it sounds cute lor! I use "lah" quite often, but hope that I won't succumb to using "lor" so often lor!



Ed, Edd & Eddy !!! said...

because lah is overuse lor!

even my Japanese boss use lah lor

Yuhui said...

Haha, funny lor!

So "lor" is the new "lah", lor!

Carolyn said...

I think hor, its the peeps that are sitting near you or visiting others who are near you. eg: chin chin, brian m, jasm & flix... heh!

Yuhui said...

Hehe, I think you also use it quite often lor!

paddychicken said...

but that's how i've always used lor for the last ten years! it's way more cool and elitist than lah.

Yuhui said...

Ya, but it seems to have become more common recently.

BTW glad to hear from you again!

huisuan said...

Thanks for dropping by! I've enjoyed reading the content your blog. Esp the part on the gov's stand on widening income gap!

Yuhui said...

Huisuan: hehe, cool. Thanks!

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