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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Flash Forward

Flash Forward

This evening, I surprised a few colleagues by saying that I was going to Zouk. Since I'm not the type who goes there, especially on a weekday night, I had to explain that I was attending "Flash Forward" (which I called a "geek party").

Flash Forward was purported to be a night of drinking, dancing and discussing the future of gaming, virtual worlds, new media and Creative Commons. Instead, it was just another excuse for a social networking (as in the real, physical, offline social networking, not Facebook/Friendster/Ning/what-have-yous) session between different groups of people.

Yes, there were a few people talking about Creative Commons, but it was mostly just meeting familiar faces and being introduced to new ones. At least the entry and drinks were free, so I've no complaints there.

I met Brennan (who's enlisting in the naval diving unit tomorrow), Bernard (who came with his girlfriend), Choon Keat (whom I finally revealed to be working with his wife), Coleman and Preetam (from and the Web Standards Group), U-Zyn (creator of, Nicholas (from TDM), and my sis. And got to meet a few other folks too, like Priscilla, a young lass who's a moderator and working in Mindef(!).

I didn't stay for long because of an early morning the next day. In the end, I don't think I learned any more about Creative Commons than I did before tonight.



Nicholas said...

Hey hey, nice to see you again! So you left early ah! No wonder din see you around after a while!

Yuhui said...

Yup, have a long day today, so needed some beauty sleep.

web standards said...

Free drinks at a "geek party". It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it sounds like you had an okay time. I wish they had things like this in my area.

Yuhui said...

Yeah, it was ok. Just like any other socialising session.

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