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Saturday, July 28, 2007 gathering gathering
After my first offline experience with at its first anniversary party, I figured that it couldn't hurt to attend a gathering. Right down to the last minute, I still wasn't sure if I would be going.

In the end, I showed up at about 3pm at Miss Clarity Cafe at Purvis Street. I sauntered in to the far end of the joined up tables. (A few of us would later joke that you could tell who came earlier by their seating positions.) I think there were about 15 people there.

Miss Clarity Cafe menu
Some of the others had ordered food, but I'd already eaten, so didn't feel like eating again. Anyway, that could've been a blessing in disguise, since the few comments about the dishes that I heard weren't very positive. So I ordered a hot chocolate, since it was a cool day. It tasted more like melted Cadbury chocolate. Maybe they used the Cadbury-branded hot chocolate powder? Either way, I didn't find it milky enough for my liking.

I listened in on most of the conversations around the table, while talking occasionally with Ridzuan. It was only after Eujzin came over that I started to talk more. (Yeah, I could've walked around the tables, like some of the others did, but chose to warm my seat.) And then the conversation flowed even more when Daphne came over to join us. We talked about blogging and finding a job and a certain geographic neighbour. Yeah, it was fun stuff.

As expected, digital cameras were whipped out and photographs were taken, especially after everyone was done eating. And finally, the gathering came to a close at about 5:30pm and we went our separate ways.



JuZ JZin said...


it was nice meeting u @the gathering
i enjoyed our conversation

Yuhui said...

Yep, it was fun. See you around!

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