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Sunday, July 08, 2007

EarthFest was a letdown

In conjunction with the 24-hour Live Earth concert, a couple of environmental groups organised an exhibition at One Fullerton. Among the attractions were a free screening of the concert and a chance to sign an environmental pledge.

I came to know about it through ECO Singapore, so I went down there today. Wow, I was utterly disappointed! There was hardly a soul! There were more volunteers than members of the public. I felt quite ashamed, because I had asked a friend along.

It turns out that the event was poorly publicised, probably because most of the meagre budget was spent on frivolous stuff, like disco lights for band performances. It might also have suffered from poor location. Instead of being in the open area near the Merlion, it was tucked at the back by the bay. As a result, there was also poor visibility.

At least there were some visitors last night, because of people who were there to watch the National Day Parade rehearsal. So I guess it wasn't a total failure.


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