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Sunday, July 22, 2007

2 celebrities in 2 days

On Saturday, I met my marketing course group for our project meeting at The Coffee Bean at International Plaza. Given my seating angle, I could see whoever was sitting at the next two tables. And past 3pm, in came Diana Ser (local newscaster) with baby and maid in tow.

I was momentarily distracted by how the other (female) patrons started making baby sounds at the baby. But what impressed me was that Diana Ser let her maid eat first while she tended to her baby. When the maid was done with her food, then Diana handed her baby over so that she could eat her meal.

From what I've noticed, usually it's the other way around, i.e. the employer eats first. I hope this wasn't a one-time event for Diana Ser's maid.

Then, this evening, while having a family dinner at Quentin's, I happened to see this familiar woman with her friend looking over the menu outside. I couldn't be sure who she was, because her baseball cap cast a shadow over her face. But once she entered, I knew that she was Fiona Xie (local TV celebrity).

Wow, she really is as gorgeous in person as she is on TV!

In the relative quietness of the restaurant, I could make out her voice, and was quite taken aback by her command of good spoken English. I've heard her on English TV before, but always thought that she was coached. Perhaps I was wrong.


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