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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bad "Transformers" theme and Optimus Prime's lips

Transformers: The Album
Oh dear, how can things get any worse? First, there were the horrendous robot designs. Now, it's the music. All of my fond childhood memories are being blasted into smithreens by something more powerful than Megatron's arm-mounted gun. Something called "Michael Bay".

The theme song by Mute Math, which is available on their MySpace site, is so, I don't know, un-"Transformers"-like. "Transformers" is supposed to be a fun, slam-bang action-packed story. The theme, on the other hand, sounds as if the robots decided to inhale something illegal and chill in a trance music bar. This is probably the genre of music that the band plays, in which case I blame the album's producers for picking them. Surely there are better rock bands out there who can compose a kick-ass theme???

Meanwhile, a two-minute song was released towards the end of the week (download the song). It was mistakenly credited to Mute Math, but I suspect that it's by Linkin Park. Now this song has some of the silliest lyrics ever recorded. ("We need them to protect and save our souls." "For the fight of mankind that sets us apart. / We fight our freedom. / We follow our heart.") But it grows on me. And it's more rock, which makes it more upbeat. Which makes it more fitting for such a movie. There's even a fan-made theme music video:

By the way, in the video, fast forward to the 42-second mark to catch a four-second glipse of... Optimus Prime's mouth! Oh my goodness!!! Optimus Prime has lips! The travesty! The horror! My eyes, my eyes!!!

Okay, dramatics aside... Yes, I'll still watch the movie. Why? Because I remain a sucker for such shows. And it's one of those things where it feels so bad that I have to watch it to really understand how bad it is. Which means I'll be adding to the box office takings. But then, a movie's profitability is usually based on its video and DVD sales, so it remains to be seen if I'll be contributing to those coffers.

Oh, and of course, by "watch the movie", I mean I'll be buying a ticket at a cinema to watch it. Don't steal movies, kids. Otherwise, we won't have any more brain-numbing flicks to spend our hard-earned money on.

I'm about ready to crack out my "The Transformers: The Movie" soundtrack and listen to the theme song by Lion. It was everything 1980s, including the kitsch lyrics, but it was also fun and loud. Not to mention very close to the TV theme song. And there are all of the other fun songs, like "Dare", "The Touch", and Weird Al Yankovic's "Dare to be Stupid". Ah, good times...


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