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Thursday, May 24, 2007

No BlogOut for me :(

BlogOut, a gathering of bloggers in Singapore, was held this evening. I learned about it about a month before it and was eager to attend, you know, to meet other bloggers. (Even we need some face-to-face time, right?)

When registration opened, I registered, then sat back and waited for the actual day. Today came around and I was all set to go. Then I realised that I was supposed to get a confirmation reply, which I didn't!


So, no BlogOut for me. Which I guess was just as well too, because I had to rush some urgent work, which saw me toiling in the office into the wee hours of the night.



Wayne said...


Damn sorry to hear that!!! We'll try to improve the handling of the registration database asap!! Will see ya soon!!


Yuhui said...

Yeah, still got time to do better for next BlogOut. :)

paddychicken said...

do these blogger things happen often? always wanted to attend one ... but i'm totally out of touch with the whole scene right now. so maybe next time there's one you can blog about it early so that i can sign up too :) then we can catch up as well ... i don't think i've ever met you since we started reading each others blogs back in ... 2004? or 2003 even.

Yuhui said...

Well, it pays to keep an eye on what goes on in and :) And, err, didn't we meet once in church? But ya, it's been a while.

paddychicken said...

But wasn't the time we met in church before we met in LJ?

Yuhui said...

It was after, 'cos I remember that in church, we were talking about something you had mentioned in LJ.

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