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Monday, May 28, 2007

It's Miss Universe time!

Jessica Tan, Miss Singapore Universe 2007
Soon, Jessica Tan will be competing with hundreds of other beautiful women for the title of Miss Universe. But the only thing anyone would hear from armchair judges is that our local girls "cannot make it" in the international arena.

Also, the last time Singapore made it to the semi-final was in the early 1980s, if I remember what I had read correctly. So perhaps Ms Tan does indeed have a very remote chance of getting in.

Evening gown
Nonetheless, I am glad of one thing: the evening gown has been radically improved. It looks much better than the travesty from last year.
Miss Singapore Universe 2006 evening gown

National costumeAt the National Costume Show
My first impression of the national costume was that it was very Chinese, which maybe doesn't reflect our multicultural society very well. But it actually does have little details from the costumes of the various races. Also, I thought it showed too much leg... until I realised that it was a skin-coloured skirt! Nice!

But I really pity Miss Canada, who has to wear sports gear as her national costume!

The contestants have rehearsed, the press has been primed, the stage is set. And soon there'll be a new beauty who will get to enjoy her 15 seconds of fame.


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