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Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Pirates of Silicon Valley" - free!

This is amazing! One of my all-time favourite movies is available for free viewing. It's a dramatised recount of the relationship between two computer giants, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. How much geekier can it get?

Update (4 May 2007): Oops, looks like the video has been removed!

I first watched it on TV back in the U.S. back in 2000 (I think). I even bought the VHS tape when it was being sold by the video rental store! I've since watched it so many times that I can almost recall the entire dialogue. Fearing that I was wearing the tape out, I looked for the DVD in Singapore, but couldn't seem to find it, or if I did, I didn't have enough money to get it.

And now, someone puts it up for free viewing. I wonder if the producers were behind it. And if so, I wonder what their motives are. But that's of little concern to me. As long as it's available, I can share a great movie for free... and legally (presumably)!


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