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Sunday, April 01, 2007

"The Phantom of the Opera"

The Phantom of the Opera
Long story short: I watched "The Phantom of the Opera" tonight. It was 2.5 hours of good theatre and music with the usual bunch of bloggers (hey, do you guys still blog anyway?) and my colleague (because we had extra tickets) (actually, they had extra tickets (due to a ticketing system foul-up), so that's how I ended up joining them).

I've known the music since my secondary school days because my sister had a tape recording. I even bought one of the songs (forgot which one though!) from iTunes. However, I've never had a chance to see the musical acted out, not even when it became a Hollywood movie.

So this was my "virgin" screening of the musical, and I must say that I enjoyed it a lot. While I thought that the lead actress' ("Christine") voice sounded quite soft (or maybe it's just my hearing), it was the lead actor ("Phantom") who really stood out. His voice was strong, powerful, and his character was both flawed and honourable.

And, of course, because he had the whole "Casablanca" "give-up-the-love-of-his-life" ending. Tragic love stories always get to me.


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Yup... I still blog... in my dreams :) Safest, easiest and won't get sued for libel :P

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