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Monday, April 23, 2007

Miss Singapore Universe 2007 winner - Jessica Tan

Christabel Campbell (2nd runner-up), Jessica Tan (Miss Singapore Universe 2007), Joey Feng (1st runner-up)

Evidently, I've been hanging out with the wrong crowds. Whereas the pundits whom I had referred to had predicted the winner of the Miss Singapore Universe 2007 title incorrectly, pundits everywhere else were spot-on. This just goes to show: there is wisdom in the crowd, but you need to identify that crowd correctly.

I caught bits of the show and have to agree that Jessica Tan was the only stand-out beauty. Yeah yeah, people rant and rave about the question-and-answer section. But it's not called a beauty pageant for nothing. It's no coincidence that she won the Miss Body Beautiful title as well.

Notice that there's no Miss Intelligent subsidiary prize.

On the bus, I watched her interview in the morning news show. She remarked that it had been her childhood dream to participate in the Miss Universe pageant. She also said that she was on the big side when she was young, so the dream always seemed so far off.

Key takeaway: slim = beautiful = winner.

So now she's off to Mexico City for the big show. Yeesh, I hope she's not overwhelmed by the pollution there.


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