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Friday, March 02, 2007

XM's Chinese New Year dinner

Lo-hei aftermath
On the 13th day of the lunar new year, my company held its Chinese New Year dinner. It was at a function room in Raffles City Convention Centre and resembled a mini Chinese wedding dinner in terms of table layout and food.

Talking about the food, it was a nine-course set including usual fare like shark's fin and fish and vegetables and prawns... Except that the food didn't taste very good. The fried chicken with sesame oil was barely tasty and the fish was chewy.

The first dish was yu sheng. My table was the last to be served, and when we started tossing it, colleagues from other tables "joined in" and made a complete mess! There were scraps of food in the sauces, our drinks, all over the table. Our chopsticks were sticky and had to be changed. I felt more sorry for the waiters who would have to clean up after us. I couldn't help wondering what was going on through their minds. Probably something along the lines of "Young punks...".

Curiously, there was no entertainment for the night, aside from a brief presentation by our boss. Playing cards popped up and small groups congregated around tables. But the games ended early when a representative from RCCC stepped in.

Then some other colleagues played "pass the orange peel with your lips/teeth". I didn't participate, but recorded some good video with my phone. It was all immaturish fun in getting colleagues to lock lips.

And some colleagues did lock lips. Two girls got our attention when they kissed -- twice. Yup, I got those "Kodak moments" on video too.

Dinner lasted till about 10pm but some of us stayed later. We adjourned to Wine Bar at Zouk. Let me state for the record that after almost 30 years of existence, this was my virgin trip there. Like any night spot, it was crowded and smoky and dark. We spent our time chatting and some people danced.

At 1am, I decided to call it a night.


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